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Ravggon tour dates

Who are we?

Ravggon is a Sámi folk-rock band from Vuotso, Finnish part of Sámiland. The band's music and lyrics are focusing on the foolishness of today’s world as well as desolation of humanity – still relying on their own roots and drawing strenght from the nature. Their band's musical ambience is based at both Sámi and world folk music, natural sounds and self-made instruments which meet influences of modern rock and pop, criticizing and questioning the prodigal Western lifestyle.



Basic info


Origins: Vuotso and Oulu, Finland

Active since: 2012
Phone number: +(358) 45 349 2009
Website: www.ravggon.com
E-mail: contact@ravggon.com


Ravggon shortly:


  • lead vocals Milla Elmiina Pulska


  • Guitar and backing vocals Matti Naakka


  • Keyboards Unna-Maari Pulska


  • Bass Erno Karjalainen


  • Percussions Panu Klemettilä



  • 2012

    The band is founded by Milla and Matti.

  • 2013

    Debut performance in Sajos, Inari.

  • 2014

    Release of first demo, "Govva" (eng. Image).

  • 2015

    Release of "In dárbbat appelsiinnaid" (eng. I don't need oranges) music video and "Mannet mánnui" (eng. Go to the moon) digital single. Third place in Sámi Grand Prix song contest held in Kautokeino, Norway. In dárbbat appelsiinnaid is the most played song of 2015 in YLE Sápmi radio station.

  • 2016

    Release of debut album "Ráji ravddas" (eng. On the edge of the border). Record-release tour in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Norway.

  • 2017

    In dárbbat appelsiinnaid gains third place in NRK Sápmi's Radio hit of 2016 awards. Performance in Norwegian TV show "Studio Sápmi". Second music video "Goaikkanasat" released. Summer tour in Finland and Norway. New single "Nealgeáhpi" to be released.


Latest news

tiistai 29. elokuuta 2017

Toronto calling!

We are so proud to announce that our "Goaikkanasat" music video (shot, directed and produced by Juuso Voutilainen and Henry Kestilä) has been named as official selection in ImagineNATIVE Film & Media Arts Festival 2017! The festival is held on 18th-22nd of October in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. So, we're starting to pack our suitcases, probably with popcorn and reindeer meat. Can't wait to see what ImagineNATIVE and all the incredible artists there has to offer!

torstai 18. toukokuuta 2017

Start of summer tour 2017 is here!

Ravggon is proud and happy to announce the three first concerts for upcoming summer:

10.6.2017 Taiga Festival 2017 (Tankavaara Gold Village, Tankavaara)

1.7.2017 BeskánLuossaRock (Kárášjohka, NO)

18.8.2017 Ijahis Idja 2017 (Anár)

See more info about the events after the photos!

Ravggon at Taiga Festival 2016. Photo: Juuso Voutilainen
 Taiga Festival is almost legendary festival, held from 10th June til Sunday 11th June in Tankavaara (less than 10 km from Vuotso). Last year Ravggon played its record-release concert in Taiga Festival '16, which was one of the best concerts ever played in the history of mankind. This year's line up includes, in addition to Ravggon, Čođđu, Azis and Kevin Boine (NO).

The festival includes not only concerts but also lasso- and shooting competitions and program for children.

Taiga Festival 10.-11.6.2017 Tankavaaran Kultakylä. Tickets 15/20€, to reserve your ticket click here. 

Mari Boine at Beskán Luossa Rock 2015. Photo: Beskán Luossa Rock

Beskán Luossa Rock is a relatively new Sámi festival held in Peđargávva, Beskenjárga, near Karasjok, Norway. This year's line-up includes Jon Henrik Fjällgren, Intrigue, Ravggon, Arvvas, John Máhtte Utsi and the winner of Sami Grand Prix 2017, John André Eira.

There is also a salmon-fishing competition (for Norwegian participants only) and kids' fishing competition on-site.

Beskán Luossa Rock 1.-2.7.2017 Beskenjárga, Karasjok, Norway. Tickets NOK 375 (40€). For ticket pre-sale, click here. 

Felgen Orkester at Ijahis Idja 2016. Photo: Ijahis idja
Ijahis idja, the Music Festival of Indigenous Peoples, will be held in centre of Inari. This year’s theme is Juoigansuopmanat (english: Yoik dialects). With this theme festival wants to point out the colorful diversity of Sámi vocal music styles. The theme is current this year because it has been 100 years since the first Nordic meeting of Sámi people. This centenary was celebrated in Trondheim during the Sámi national day with many days of festivities.

Through music the festival wants to highlight that despite the local genres, the Sámi have a mutual music tradition that is colored by local styles and connects the Sámi across the state borders. There will be a theme concert in which yoikers from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia will perform by different Sámi languages.

Ijahis idja has so far announced two artists - Ravggon and Ára. We're very excited about the festival's full line-up!

Ijahis idja 18.-20.8.2017 Inari. Ticket from 27€, pre-sale open from 5.7.2017.


keskiviikko 22. maaliskuuta 2017

Three new concert dates announced

We have announced three new concerts for spring 2017:

25.3.2017 Kulttuurien karnevaalit (Kulttuurikeskus, Iisalmi)

15.4.2017 Kuivalihamarkkinat (Samperin Savotta ja Opastuskeskus Korvatunturi, Savukoski)
16.4.2017 Sámi Easter Festival 2017 (Thon Hotel Kautokeino, NO)

torstai 9. helmikuuta 2017

New website opened

New website opened! Visit http://www.ravggon.com/ for news, album digi/physical shopping, live dates, lyrics and much more! :)

Interview in Tråante 2017

Regards from Tråante 2017! Listen to the interview of Milla Elmiina, Ida-Maria Helander and Natalia Vaskova from SVT Play (in English, from 1:22 ->) :) Topics include the use of Sámi language, "Case Kiasma" and Milla's lyrical points of views. Click image to open link!

tiistai 31. tammikuuta 2017

New music video released!

Ravggon and crew in Márkomeannu 2016

Music video for our song Goaikkanasat (Ráji ravddas, 2016) can now be watched from Yle Sápmi Sohkaršohkka's channel on Vimeo. The video was filmed in Márkomeannu by Henry Kestilä and Juuso Voutilainen. Special thanks to Flatlight Creative House! Please enjoy!

Ravggon - goaikkanasat from Yle Sápmi on Vimeo.

lauantai 28. tammikuuta 2017

Ravggon in NRK Studio Sápmi 28.1.2017

Studio Sápmi with Ravggon is now viewable on NRK TV! 🎤🇳🇴🍊🚫 Girls' interview from 12:52 and "In dárbbat appelsiinnaid" acoustic live from 23:45! 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼


Booking, questions and general contact



Phone number

+(45) 349 2009