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tiistai 10. tammikuuta 2017

Nomination for NRK Sápmi's 2016 radio hit

https://www.nrk.no/sapmi/sami-radiohitta-2016-1.13305604Happy 2017! We were super excited and honoured noticing that our single In dárbbat appelsiinnaid is nominated for NRK Sápmi's Sámi rádiohitta (Sámi radio hit) 2016 awards! A humble THANK YOU for all our listeners and supporters - if you want to vote In dárbbat appelsiinnaid for Sámi radio hit 2016, check out the link below! :)

Buorre ođđa jahki 2017! Movttáskeimmet go fuomášeimmet dán stuora gutni, ahte min bihttá In dárbbat appelsiinnaid lea mielde NRK Sámi Sámi radiohitta 2017 awardsis. Vuollegisvuođain giitit buot min guldaleaddjiid ja doarjaleaddjiid - jus háliidat jienastit In dárbbat appelsiinnaid Sámi radiohittan 2016, gea liŋkka vulobealde!  

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